EGGS 2018

eggs logoA Genetics Society Sectional Interest Group meeting

Evolutionary genetics is a fast moving field, where new technologies have resulted in a wealth of genomic data. The aim of this meeting is to promote the exchange of ideas and collaborations by bringing together participants from a range of backgrounds, including evolutionary biology, genetics and genomics, with a particular focus on work at the interface of genomics and evolutionary biology.


KEYNOTE: Katie Peichel

Head of Division, Evolutionary Ecology
Institute of Ecology and Evolution
University of Bern


Talk title: Genetics of adaptation in sticklebacks: the roles of pleiotropy and linkage

Katie Peichel (University of Bern, Switzerland) is an Evolutionary Biologist interested in adaptation, speciation and sex chromosomes.  Since starting her own laboratory in 2003, first at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and now at the University of Bern, she has investigated the genetic and genomic mechanisms that underlie morphological, behavioral, and physiological traits that differ between stickleback populations that have adapted to divergent habitats.